Ryan Family 5k


 If it was possible to build a running track around the Equator, Jack Trounson has chalked up enough Ks to have circled the globe twice by now – and then run from Brisbane to Perth with a few hundred kilometres for sightseeing left over.

A lifetime of running; a regimen involving 80,796 kilometres of training and 3976 kms of racing culminated in him winning the 5km Geoff Ryan Family Handicap last Sunday – his 27th win at his 555th start for our club.

He’d won the race before, in 2003, but it happened so long ago that he’d simply forgotten that it was not one of the few on the SACCC calendar that he hasn’t won

The 63-year-old Jack argues the point, but if he has slowed down over the years the rate of decline is almost imperceptible: 21.50 minutes was his winning time on Sunday and nine years before he had clocked a comparable 20.25.

With all that experience in those leathery legs, he shouldn’t be surprised that he was able to put an imposing field to the sword. But the laconic Jack said the course was “flat and fast” and that was the only reason he won.

His margin over the mercurial Sven O’Flynn was a healthy 11 seconds, but it could have been greater if Sven had another of his “off” days which are always more frequent than his “on.”

If Jack is the epitome of professionalism in running, Sven is the oddity.

Stung by a playful jibe before the race that “daylight saving ended too early for you to get home by dark,” the enigmatic Irishman turned on a “Steven Bradbury” and seriously threatened to cause an upset at odds of about 100-1.

Only the week before, Sven, who chased a vodka hangover with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, staggered a sick and sorry 5km at Rhymney Reef and clocked a tortoise-like 36.48. On Sunday he was a mind-bending 14 minutes faster!

The bottom line is that the dilettante S.O’F, who keeps no records, enjoys his running every bit as much as the diligent Jack, whose archive is meticulous.

They are like heads and tails – except that there are three sides to this coin.

The third belongs to Ashley Cowen. Ash, who played footy with the Swifts less than 24 hours before, rocketed over course in 16.47, eclipsing the record he set in 2010 by 11 seconds!


If you intend to run this race, 11am, Sunday May 20, and need transport, Keith is definitely going and has room for three. There will be, no doubt, other cars making the trip, so ask around. Those of us close to winning a club race should seriously consider a start as a $100 prize has been set aside for our members alone. Everyone, of course is in the running for the $1000 available to the overall winner, and there is a sash for the first country runner to finish. Entry fee is $10.



A few of the 2011 books are still available if you missed a great night. New members are welcome to apply. See Keith.


NEXT WEEK’S RACE: We’re off to Garry Rice’s picturesque Concongella Vineyard on the Navarre Road just outside of Stawell for the 6.5km Handicap. Garry won’t say “no” to the sale of some good (cheap!) wine. Recent winners include Ashley Cowen (2011), Sven O’Flynn (10), Chris Barwick (09), Bree Fiscalini (08), Sven O’Flynn (07).