Best’s Great Western classic

NEXT  RACE: (July 14th) We join the Stawell Amateur Athletic Club for our second and final combined race of the year, the eight kilometre Best’s Great Western Classic (formerly Seppelts) on a user-friendly course.


Caruana Classic


Entries are now being taken (by Keith) for this Feature Race on the SACCC Syllabus.

A $100 prize has been set aside for the first runner from our club to finish, but all who enter are eligible to win the $1000 prize that is awarded to the overall winner. The race starts at 11am, which means our runners would need to leave by 8am at the latest to arrive at Woodlands Park, Oaklands Rd, Greenvale (Melway 177 J9) in time to warm-up.

Those runners close to a win with our club (probably those who finish second to about eighth in the L.W.Kent) are logically the most likely to win prizemoney in the Caruana, and should seriously think about making the trip. The Kent winner will be re-handicapped by Charlie, as usual, but the Caruana race will be penalty free. In other words, if you are the first SACCC runner to finish, you will not be re-handicapped for our next race – unless of course you win the race outright.

Cost of entry is $10.